Black Pearl Blended Chilli Chocolate Cream Liqueur 750ml

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1492 - Black Pearl

Blended Chilli Chocolate Cream Liqueur

1492: Christopher Columbus’s Conquistadors claimed much of the Americas as their own. The Spaniards were stunned by the cultures and customs they discovered along the way and were particularly excited by all the new flavours these exotic lands introduced to their palates.

A young Conquistador arrived in Mexico.

In what is now known as Mexico City, Diego Diaz met a beautiful, mysterious girl, known only as “Juanita”.

Though Diego was destined to go back to Spain, romance blossomed, and Juanita let him in on an old family secret.

She shared a special recipe for a sweet and spicy elixir made from cacao and chilli, passed down through the generations, dating all the way back to ancient Aztec times.

It became a parting gift. And as Diego departed with a heavy heart, he took the recipe to Europe. His legacy survives to this very day.