Dirty Lemon Blended Lemon Liqueur 750ml

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1540 - Dirty Lemon

Blended Lemon Liqueur

When the headstrong Italian Princess Bona Sforza married Sigismund the 1st of Poland in the mid-16th century, vodka was traditionally drunk as is – plain and simple.

But Queen Bona brought an unexpected gift with her…

The fiery Queen Bona introduced lemons to the Polish court. And, fascinated by the sour tang of this new citrus phenomenon, a young palace chef added a generous amount of the fruit’s juice to a tot of vodka.

With some of the lemon’s pulp left behind, the drink now had a slightly “dirty” appearance, and the taste had an unmistakable edge that vodka just didn’t.

When Queen Bona had her first sip over dinner and got a slight chill down her spine, she dubbed the drink, “Dirty Lemon” and congratulated the chef on his fine work.

The recipe remains the same today.