Symmetry Floral Tonic Essence

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Symmetry Floral Tonic Essence reflects our Victorian influences and the floral intensity of our land. Brewed from African lavender, chamomile and leaves from the pungently fragrant rose-scented pelargonium. We find this indigenous plant in the cooler mountain areas of the Cape, prized for its beautiful musky rose scent.

Ingredients: rose pelargonium, lavender, chamomile, cinchona bark, lemon, ginger, lemongrass.

Serve over ice with sparkling water, 1:3 ratio to taste.
Garnish options: Lime zest – Cucumber – lavender – star anis – Spekboom

Or use Symmetry to replace your industrial mixers: Always use equal parts of Tonic essence and spirit over ice, and top up with sparkling water.

Floral goes fabulously with delicate and floral gins; vodka, Agricole rum or tequila.